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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Heart Faces - Beautiful B & W | Missoula Portrait Photographer

I recently was involved in a project showing that women can be "rough n tough" and just as good at sports as men, while maintaining their beauty. Did you know that out of an entire year of Sports Illustrated, a woman only gets the cover once a year?

Why is that?! Here's an image I took from the Missoula, MT women's rugby team, The Betterside, session. She is beautiful, she plays "Forward flank", and she knows how important it is that women are recognized for skill, talent, and personality.

Photo Challenge Submission

I Heart Faces has news! I Heart Faces decided to change things up and now they are doing one BIG monthly photo challenge! This gives us more time to enter, and a chance to win prizes! How fun is this!? Thanks ladies!