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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heart to God, and a Hand to Man

All my life I've wanted to be a hero. I want my life to count, and I look at my brother (Army; Iraq) and sister (Navy; Assault Ship-Japan) and I am so proud b/c they are both being the hero I want to be. So I've asked myself, how can I make a difference from here in my town? How can the actions applied in Florence, MT make a difference nation-wide? Here's what I've come up:

65% of the proceeds from prints purchased from my Etsy shop will be donated to my friends & family in Sendai, Japan. The people seeking refuge in the shelters are being forced back into the streets because of a lack of food and water. THIS is how I am helping them, so I need your assistance! Please pass this on, and keep checking back as I will be adding more prints



There are so many amazing missions out there, and I'm so thankful that we can band together to make a difference. To ease the hunger pains from children and adults that are now being forced to do without. To be able to send supplies that so many of us don't even think about using on a daily basis that are now a rare commodity. Thank you for helping to make a difference. Your time, love and concern might be what keeps a family going.

"While women weep as they do now,
while children are hungry,
while hope can be found.
While one soul remains without light,
I'll fight to the very end.

A heart to God and a hand to man,
here begins the healing of our land.
A heart to God and a hand to man,
I can still hear the Hallelujah band.
A heart to God and a hand to man."

- Geoff Moore & The Distance, "Heart to God, Hand to Man"

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