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Sunday, February 26, 2012

WPPI- Las Vegas Photography Convention 2012 | Missoula Fashion Photographer

Wow!!!! What an amazing week I had! WPPI was a huge success and I'm so excited to share a touch of what I got to experience!

Started off by getting to go and spend a few days in Vegas just to enjoy the town and I got to meet a friend along the way:

Everyone, this is Little Vegas, the famous Monitor lizard all the way from Australia!

Monday was the Seniorologie Vegas Shootout day and here's a fabulous picture of all the beautiful women who participated and put it on!

And one of my stunning seniors:

And then on my final day in Vegas, Wednesday, was the grand finale, The Las Vegas GhostTown, The Squeal shoot-out, put on by Emma and Josh Smith Photography. There's so many images that I'm gonna get to share, but for now here's just a taste.... *sparkle eyes* What a dreamy day!

Event Organizers Emma & Josh Smith

Venue- El Dorado Canyon Mine Tours ( Ghost Town) -

Hair/Makeup by Ha ir by Liz- Liz Gopwani

Wedding Gowns - The White Dress

Fashion Wardrobe- Kristy Rose

Accessories- Renee Pawele Bride

Hair and Makeup by Sarah Diaz Professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

Menswear- Tuxedo Junction

Purses- Judith Leiber The Forum Shops at Casers Palace

So in the next week or so be looking for more images from both of these glorious shootouts! These are the fore-runners to the new path that VioletRay Photography is taking. Focusing more on Seniors and Weddings. I spent the past week in classes learning how I can better serve my clients and how to push my passion and talent in the direction that will fulfill both clients and myself. An overall bonus for all!

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