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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

VRP | France... a collection of firsts

Enclosed is my treasure chest of some of my images taken in France. I had the amazing opportunity to go to France for the FIRST time in my life. Actually, it was the FIRST time in my ever being abroad period!, so to make my first trip to Europe a trip to France.... I even shocked myself by spontaneously saying... I'm going to France in May! And it wasn't just any trip. It was a trip to go spend a week with my hero... Nichole Van.

Set in the country side of France in Normandy, is the most amazing chateau. The Chateau de' Courtomer. Nestled into 350 acres, we were allowed to shoot all over the grounds and explore our creative minds. Learning OCF and working the creative side of my mind to tell a story, I stretched and grew so many ways. Learning how to get around a city that spoke little English, taking trains and metro's to little villages, and eating LOTS of amazing French bread, yogurt, and creme brulee... I was in heaven..

So, here is part 1 of my France | A collection of firsts. I've got so many images that I haven't even seen yet that over the next few months I'll be doing installments.

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