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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

VRP - Jenn, Rick, & their young Padawan | Montana Maternity Session

There isn't anything much more beautiful in this world than love. And with love comes family. (Okay, I'm gonna start crying now...) I love my own family to pieces, and when I did this session for these two, very amazing and in love, young people who are STARTING their own family... it hit very close to home.

Filled with passion of their relationship, loving and fun, this session embodied the spirit of "them". It isn't your typical maternity session. And that is what made it so amazing.  Jenn and Rick brought the things that that symbolize them and what they hope and dream for their wee lil bundle of Grace. The things that make them laugh, and the things that bring them joy and togetherness. And there was lots of laughs and good times during this session. And as you enjoy the images from this session,

"May the Force be with you"...

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